Success Stories

"Dr. Rigsby and his staff are true professionals. I have felt at home since my first appointment. I am already feeling better, and look forward to each adjustment, as I know its truly helping me have a straighter and healthier spine." --Tiffanie


"Dr. Rigsby is kind and attentive to your needs and concerns. My son has made leaps and bounds in his behavior since he started his adjustments. Dr. Rigsby remembers everything discussed from visit to visit! He is a great doctor and we love our weekly visits with him!!" --Angela


"My husband and I have been going to Dr. Rigsby weekly for almost 5 years. That should really speak for itself. He takes excellent care of us, and we appreciate him and his kind, efficient staff. They go above and beyond!" --Kay


"My kids love Dr Rigsby!  We’ve been seeing Dr Rigsby for 3 years.  We have seen tremendous improvement in behavior, focus and overall health.  I’m so glad we decided to start seeing Dr Rigsby." --Leigh


"We always enjoy our visits to Rigsby Chiropractic!  Dr. Rigsby keeps us adjusted and healthy and always with a smile!  Such a friendly staff!  We've been very happy with the care we've received there for the past 10 years!" --Michele


"My son was born very premature and due to that he has always had complications with constipation (like weeks without going). Then when he turned 2 we were taking him to numerous of doctors in Dallas for what they were thinking was a muscle disorder. When we received no answers for what was going on and still seeing our son walk funny and hold his back we decided giving Dr.Rigsby a shot after hearing great things about him. It did take a little time convincing me to take him but I'm so glad I did. We've now been seeing Dr.Rigsby for a little over 4 months. At only seeing him for 2 months our son starting & still is walking straighter and hasn't held his back in weeks!! The day he got adjusted he went to the bathroom and has been going everyday since! Dr.Rigsby has been a huge blessing in our life." --Casey


"I’ve been going here for 10 years. They are awesome!!!" --Tabitha